24th Annual Weaving History Conference

 May 17 & 18, 2018

24th Annual Weaving History Conference Agenda

1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, 200 Riverside Drive, Clayton

Thursday, May 17

  • 8:00       Registration, Full Breakfast, Marketplace Set-up                                                                                                          The Marketplace will be open for the duration of the conference.
  • 9:00       Welcome/Opening Remarks
  •               Harriet Burris TIAC’s Latest Acquisitions
  •               Cheryl Beredo American Textile History Museum Collections at Cornell University Library
  •               Hans Baer Recreating a 19th-Century John Campbell Jacquard Coverlet
  •               Marjie Thompson Woven at Home: Debunking the Myths Begun by the Colonial Revival                                Movement
  • 12:00     Lunch
  • 1:00       Daniel Eyring The Golden Age of the Boston Associates: The Launching of the Modern                                  Textile Industry in the United States
  •               Philis Alvic The Early History of Weaving in Eastern Tennessee
  •               Sandra Rux Recreating an Early 18th Century “Stained” Wall Hanging
  •               Show and Tell!
  • 6:15       Reception (cash bar)
  • 7:00       Riverside Dinner Buffet

Friday, May 18

  • 8:15         Full Breakfast
  • 9:00         John Kreifeldt Ceremonial Textiles of Borneo’s Headhunters
  •                 Patricia Hilts The Origin and Development of Notation in the Textile Arts: A Search                                        for the Power to Instruct, to Transmit, and to Design
  •                 Lois Wyndham Uncovering the Past: Exploring the History of Two Ontario Coverlets
  • 12:00       Lunch
  • 1:00         Peter Harris Back! To the Future
  •                 Margaret Franklin Dr. William Bateman and Bateman Blend
  •                 Ellen Good History of Handspinning and Weaving in Upper Canada


Saturday, May 19

  • Library and Archives open 9-noon. Please RSVP to Marina if you plan on using the research facilities.

*There will be mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks both Thursday and Friday. Please note schedule and presentations are subject to change.


photo credit Sally Orgren

A word about the Weaving History Conference...

The conference is held at the new 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel overlooking the beautiful St. Lawrence River in the historic village of Clayton, NY- just blocks from the Thousand Islands Arts Center's Handweaving Museum.

In order to celebrate, promote and share academic work in the subject of handweaving, the Historic Manuscripts Conference was founded. The name was changed to the Weaving History Conference to reflect the expansion of the subject of the conference to contain not just academic weaving presentations, but information on all fiber arts. Today the WHC is entering its impressive 24th consecutive year!




email: Marina@tiartscenter.org 

phone: 315.686.4123 

mail: TIAC attn: WHC - 314 John Street - Clayton, NY 13624