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Scarf, Bureau 85.5.84
Dresser scarf - made of four bands card woven in white, blue, and green cotton. Commercial piece from South America. Fringed....View Full Record
Sample 86.5.53i
Exhibit panel with the names of the members of the York State Craftsmen that contributed to the exhibit. Covered in a plastic sleeve for the York State Craftsmen Exhibit....View Full Record
sampler 85.5.557
Sampler, blue, brown and white rectangle with fringe on one end and short self fringe on the other side. Plain weave stripe. Brown wool weft with small section of lighter blue weft. Blue and white probably cotton....View Full Record
Sampler 85.5.171b
Sampler - Blue and natural colors. Stripes of Honeysuckle . Labelled, "These three treadlings are identical, all that is varied is the size of the filler." Hemmed at both ends, the folded back area is in gold. Weave: Overshot, Honeysuckle Warp: cotton, 20/2 white Weft: cotton, variable. Pattern weft: variable, blue and white....View Full Record
sample, woven 85.5.476
Fabric sample. Skinny rectangular strip with fringe on the two long sides. Beige and gold. Could be cotton. Weft is parallel fibers (not twisted) yarn in gold and rust mix. Warp is beige twisted yarn. Plain weave....View Full Record
Sampler 85.5.210
Sampler - plain weave natural cotton with multicolor stripes, selvedge to selvedge and laid in. Hems are 5/8", turned back and hand stitched. Weave: Plain weave with inlay. Warp: 10/2 cotton, natural Weft: same, plus 10/2 brown, yellow, orange, green, blue....View Full Record
Placemat 85.5.228
Placemat - salmon and natural plain weave squares with Bronson lace. Block A creates plain weave in the natural square and lace in the orange. Block B is the reverse. Warp: striped warp, natural and light orange cotton, 30/2 EPI: 30 Weft: Same as warp, woven to square....View Full Record
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