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Collection: Elizabeth Dodge Haxall Collection
Object Id Number: 86.2.52
Object Name: Cloth Fragment
Date Item Created: unknown
Description: Upholstery fabric fragment, used. Edges show that the piece has been removed from furniture upholstery.

Peach ground with damask scroll and leaf design woven with brocade design of scrolls, buds, bodas (paisley motif), blossoms and and leaves in cream, yellow, turquoise, burgu;ndy, blue, purple, rose and brass yellow. Threads of brass plied with black silk are woven into brocade design.
Subjects: Natural Fiber - Silk (Udf1)
Woven - Brocade (Udf3)
Unknown (Udf4)
Fiber or Yarn dyed (Udf5)
Floral (Udf6)
Natural Fiber - Silk/Metal - Brass (Udf7)
Sewn, hand (Udf9)
Artifact (Udf10)
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